Alanna Nelson 43% Ward 1 2019 Vote

43% of Ward 1 votes Alanna

Thank you, Ward 1! Congratulations to John Tramontozzi for his return as the Ward 1 representative on the Melrose City Council. Our families held signs at both polling locations today and I enjoyed the time chatting with everyone. Energy was high at the polls today. With more volunteers rooting for their favorite candidates and a good voter turnout, we can now think about the next steps. Count on me to… Read More »43% of Ward 1 votes Alanna
Alanna Nelson Melrose Ward 1 City Council Vote November 5 GOTV

Oak Grove to the Polls? Call us!

I’m just back from sign holding by the Highlands station, grateful it’s pleasant weather so far. The conversations remind me of a quote by Bina Venkataran. I’d say the train station is a secular space! The polls are open until 8 pm and if you need a ride from Oak Grove to the Ward 1 polls, call or text us at (617)398-0613 and we’ll get you to the polls.
Alanna Nelson holding campaign sign at Melrose Highlands MBTA

What’s the most important issue?

The Melrose Weekly News asked all of the local candidates to answer a question. For the City Council candidates, the question was: What is the most important issue facing residents in your ward, and how do you plan to deal with it when elected? Here was my response: As I go door to door in Ward 1, asking my neighbors in Melrose what is important to them, I realize that… Read More »What’s the most important issue?
Manisha Bewtra endorses Alanna Nelson Ward 1 Melrose 2019

Manisha’s Dream Team For Melrose

Manisha Bewtra announced her endorsements for the November 5, 2019 election. They include Paul Brodeur, Alanna Nelson, Jim Bennet, Jen Grigoratis, Ryan William, Lizbeth DeSelm, Jack Eccles, Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Leila Miglorelli, Maya Jamaleddine.
City Councilor campaign postcard for Alanna Nelson Melrose Ward 1

Ask Alanna: What can Melrose do about climate change?

The Melrose Weekly News allows candidates to submit three letters to their Forum for publication. Here's my second. As September’s Youth Climate Summit emphasized, citizens, businesses and government must evolve quickly to transform our energy use patterns. The technology exists to make these changes. What can we do at the local level? Thanks to involved citizens and a supportive City administration, Melrose embraces energy efficiency initiatives and supports the transition… Read More »Ask Alanna: What can Melrose do about climate change?
Alanna Nelson Ward 1 Melrose Signs

Alanna Ward 1 Councilor Signs

Alanna Nelson for Melrose Ward 1 yard signs available now. What can we do with the yard signs after the election. Reduce, reuse, recycle to work for a NetZero Melrose
Schools benefit from the 2019 Melrose Ma override

Ask Alanna: The Override

The night before the League of Women Voters Forum, I invited neighbors over for a “Pep Rally.” To help me train, I asked people to write down a question they would like answered. Although the Forum is over and I didn’t answer any of these questions, I figured it might be helpful as people compare the candidates. Answering in one minute was not as difficult as I feared.

October 2, 2019 Voter Forum

Stream the October 2, 2019 Melrose Voters Forum to learn about Alanna Nelson's position on City Council issues.
Alanna Nelson runs against John Tramontozzi in Melrose

Steps 1, 2, 3 – Campaign launch

This November, Melrose enters its next phase, electing a new Mayor as well as local leaders. I’ve been a volunteer, a booster and an advocate since moving here in 2005. Is it time to do more? Here’s my thought process. Step 1: Reflect upon what I could bring to Ward 1. An active citizen currently on the Energy Commission, I served on the Melrose Cultural Council (2008 – 2014) and… Read More »Steps 1, 2, 3 – Campaign launch