Ask Alanna: What can Melrose do about climate change?

City Councilor campaign postcard for Alanna Nelson Melrose Ward 1
The Melrose Weekly News allows candidates to submit three letters to their Forum for publication. Here's my second.

As September’s Youth Climate Summit emphasized, citizens, businesses and government must evolve quickly to transform our energy use patterns. The technology exists to make these changes. What can we do at the local level?

Thanks to involved citizens and a supportive City administration, Melrose embraces energy efficiency initiatives and supports the transition to renewable energy. The City negotiated excellent electricity rates so residents can choose 100% renewable energy at a competitive price. In 2016, the City pledge to be carbon neutral by 2050 and thanks to a grant funding from the MAPC, is charting the path of how this will happen. What more can we do?

As we elect our next City Council members, here are five actions that put us on the right path:

  • Incorporate zero waste and net zero standards as part of the capital improvement planning
  • Prioritize candidates who embrace this mindset when recruiting and selecting the Public Works Director
  • Require developers, especially those providing affordable housing to aim for net zero building goals
  • Inform businesses, construction service provides on energy efficient products and approaches
  • Prepare city emergency services to manage extreme weather events

If elected to represent Ward 1 on the City Council, residents can rely on me to pursue these initiatives and support the actions of the Climate Action Plan. Thank you for your consideration, Alanna Nelson

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