Alanna Ward 1 Councilor Signs

Alanna Nelson Ward 1 Melrose Signs

Would you like an Alanna for Ward 1 sign?

‘Tis a New England autumn. Fall colors, football games, cool mornings and blossoming election signs. Popping up in many colors, it’s a wonderful sign of civic pride. Send an email to hello at Alanna-ward1 dot com and we’ll plant one at your house, too.

While the colorful signs make me happy, let me be honest, it wasn’t an obvious decision for me. There is the expense. This is my first political campaign and each sign costs a chunk of bucks.

Then there’s my goal of reduce, reuse, recycle. I’m aiming for NetZero in my consumption. Asking myself, “is this something I really need?”The coroplast signs I purchased can be recycled anywhere where polypropylene can be recycled, just like the number 5 recycling plastics. However, at this moment, there’s not firm confirmation that the number 5 plastics are being recycled at curb side pickup.

What about reuse? Well, that opens up possibilities. The signs can be used in many ways. As a fiber artist interested in public art, ideas pop up quickly. I’ll happily pick up the yard signs for some of these project ideas. All election yard signs need to be down by November 12.

How would you reuse a yard sign? Leave your comments below or post on social media with the hash tag #RRRMelrose.


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