Alanna Nelson Melrose City Council Ward 1 Candidate

Thank you to everyone who answered my knock on your door.

I’m grateful for each of the 626 Ward 1 residents who put their confidence in me.

Let’s look forward, gather our viewpoints and make it happen. 

We’ve got lots to do!


43% of Ward 1 votes Alanna

Thank you, Ward 1! Congratulations to John Tramontozzi for his return as the Ward 1 representative on the Melrose City Council. Our families held signs at both polling locations today…

Oak Grove to the Polls? Call us!

I’m just back from sign holding by the Highlands station, grateful it’s pleasant weather so far. The conversations remind me of a quote by Bina Venkataran. I’d say the train…
Lan signs

What’s the most important issue?

The Melrose Weekly News asked all of the local candidates to answer a question. For the City Council candidates, the question was: What is the most important issue facing residents…

Manisha’s Dream Team For Melrose

Manisha Bewtra announced her endorsements for the November 5, 2019 election. They include Paul Brodeur, Alanna Nelson, Jim Bennet, Jen Grigoratis, Ryan William, Lizbeth DeSelm, Jack Eccles, Kate Lipper-Garabedian, Leila…

Ask Alanna: The Override

The night before the League of Women Voters Forum, I invited neighbors over for a “Pep Rally.” To help me train, I asked people to write down a question they…
Now that the election is over, how will you contribute to these issues? Stay informed, share your opinion and help move Melrose forward.

Whether by car, bike, on foot, or public transit, transportation is key to our day. Let's work to make it safe and multi-modal.

Climate Action Plan

Melrose is one of 23 Boston communities working toward a carbon neutral 2050. Let's encourage this planning process.


Investments in art and culture drive economic growth and enrich community. Let's build on our cultural assets.

Melrose Forward

This community plan, approved in 2017, outlines actions and timelines. Let's get this moving again.


Facts About Alanna


Community Volunteer

  • Melrose Energy Commission Co-Chair
  • Melrose Cultural Council 2008 – 2014
  • High School Site Council 2008 – 2011
  • Winthrop School Volunteer 2005 – 2007
  • Founder, Common Cod Fiber Guild 


An active citizen, Alanna follows and comments on public policy that impacts:

  • Local Business
  • Clean technology
  • Culture & Community


Work experience in:

  • Small business
  • Non-profit
  • Government


  • BS University of Wisconsin
  • MS Texas A&M University
  • Fulbright Scholar
Alanna Nelson Melrose Ward 1 Candidate against John Tramontozzi


Melrose History Quilt at Beebe Estate 2018

Get in Touch

I look forward to hearing your ideas and concerns. Use the form below, or call (617) 398-0613.


Vote on November 5, 2019

Thanks for your support.

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League of Women Voters Forum

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